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Simpsons Reef Next to Cape Arago

View of Seals on Simpsons Reef

Closer View

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Closest View of Seals

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Cape Arago Coast

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Simpson Reef Seals

September 21- Viewed Seals on Simpson’s Reef

It stopped raining as we traveled down the road from the campground is Cape Arago State Park with a view of Simpson Reef and the 4 kinds of seals that rest and bark there. I used my 70-300 telephoto lens to zoom in on the hundreds of seals on the island.

The tan colored seals North Atlantic Seals and the outer ring of the smaller, darker seals are California Seals.

We left the campground in the afternoon to video a better movie of the seals and to go to the end of Cape Arago to get cell phone service for reading e-mails etc. We dined in for supper.

We determined the best way to travel to Crater Lake National Park tomorrow. We have an app that describes road conditions like % grade, length of the climb, number of 20 MPH curves and if, or not, guard rails exist to help us know how close we want our lives to be on the edge. :)

We have had no problems climbing the steep roads up the mountains. I shift down to a low gear and keep the engine RPM at 3,000 and turn on my 4-way flashers. As of now, there have been no check engine lights/error codes – life is good.

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