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the newly opened Coolamon cheese factory

the Up To Date Store - how else would you say this...

Ron "using" the Lamson Cash Carrier

the Coolamon Fire Station Museum

Thursday 22nd Sept - Temora - Coolamon for afternoon

Last night we had NO rain and a steady breeze all night, so the ground looks much drier this morning - till you walk on it for a few minutes. We’ve both put the awnings in so that we don’t have any issues packing up if there is more rain or high wind while we are out today, or during the night.

First we headed to the info centre to ask about the road to Coolamon and we were advised to use the long way S to Junee then W to Coolamon avoiding the road which goes SW from just south of Temora. No rain over the road so that was good, although we are starting to see patches of road breaking up. They should be fun to negotiate after a few more weeks of heavy transports rolling over the roads.

Coolamon is a very impressive small town of about 2500 people. First stop the Art n Craft shop just in front of where we parked the car. Very impressive collection. Then to the Cheese factory/shop which has been open just 5 days. Very nice reno of an old building, but a bit expensive for us to consider for lunch. Over the road to a cafe which has only been done up 4 months ago. It too is very impressive and we had lunch there for a much more reasonable outlay. Mind you RonG is now a “kept” man as he left his wallet back at the van so jan provided lunch. (Bit of a habit this!!!!)

We then walked up to The Fire Brigade Museum, housed in the original Fire Station building. It is a private collection which the owners decided to share with the town. Unbelievable amount of memorabilia displayed in a great way to enjoy it and take it in. Over the road is the Council Library which also opens on to the heritage listed “Up to Date Store”, a serviced department type store which even used a Lamson Cash Carrier to send cash and invoice to a central cashier and then had the “cash ball” returned with receipt and change back to the point of sale. The wooden split cash ball rolled “down hill” to the cashier and did likewise on a different track back to the point of sale. They believe it is the only model of its kind still working. Adjacent to this store was a rural museum collection as well.

We decided to head home via the shorter route after talking to the cafe owner and the info lady (also the Fire Museum owner). There was no problem with the road at all, although there is a lot of water lying at the road edge. The icy wind is still present and we are looking forward to heading north tomorrow towards sunny Qld. The news tonight showed us that there has been major flooding in the Condoblin area overnight so that will wipe out any idea of looking at the “Utes in the Paddock” at Ootha west of of Condoblin on the way to Parkes. We’ll just have to show Ron n Hazel our pics from a few years back.

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