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At Sea

Not much special today to write about……

Did anything unusual or noteworthy happen ? Not that I can recall.

The weather was sunny up until around 1pm (and I mean actually 1pm today as we did not have to lose an hour today), then started to cloud up a bit.

Around 4pm I went to “sit out” upstairs as the sun goes off our balcony about noon; at 4.15pm I came in again as a shower of rain sprinkled unwelcomely.

However, you will be relieved to hear that it soon went off, and as long as one does not mind sitting in a brisk wind, or can find a spot out of the wind, it is still sittable up to around 6pm. Sadly at that point another shower arrived; I was just in time to come back through the cabin onto the balcony, grabbing the camera on the way, and catch a pic of the rainbow it produced.

Sartorial Hints and Tips Part 2 : when packing for a tropical holiday, it is easy to get carried away with vivid colours for your Holiday Wardrobe. It is worth bearing in mind that Red looks wonderful under a grey English sky – sadly, under a tropical sun it has a nasty tendency to clash with your vibrant sunburn……now, if there was rather more to the garment than a hankie-sized square of fabric and two inadequate ribbons, I would not be able to SEE so much of the sunburn, see Hints and Tips Part 1…….(also, try suncream...just saying)

Oh and (no connection with the above), we had panna-cotta again tonight, a Vanilla one this time. I have put in a request for any left uneaten when we reach Southampton to be packed up and delivered to me…..

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