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Russian River Campground - Home for 17 days!!

Truck & Trailer, hooked up & ready to go!!

After 17 days "dry camping" at the Russian River overflow parking lot, we are ON THE ROAD AGAIN, it feels good!! We got the truck back on Wednesday (with new transmission, for anyone who may have missed that tale of woe), but we decided to stay a couple of extra days "in the area" to get some miles on it, and make sure everything is working properly before we hook up the trailer and go. One doesn't realize how dependent we are on that truck until something like this happens, not only for transportation to get us from point A to B, but to re-charge the camper cabin batteries to keep all of the camper systems running properly. Thank heavens for our friends we had met along the way, the Guerrero's and the Pope's from CA (these are the people we had spent the 4th of July holiday with at the Elks club in Wasilla) as they came to our rescue BIG TIME! They are such good people, and we are very blessed to have met them! The other people we are grateful for are the "powers that be" at the park, there is a 3 day limit on camping in the overflow parking at the Nat'l forest camp ground, and they allowed us to stay "as long as we needed to"; that was the message that came to us from the campground manager...they were so good to us, what a great place to be if you ever break down, but I hope you don't!! And then there were our MN friends who came to town at "just the right time", or did we break down at "just the right time & place"? Not sure, but it was so nice to have Rebecca & Kevin, Kelly & Pam, and Mary & Frank come by and spend time with us while we were there!!

So, we're headed on down to Homer, 117 miles, can we make it??? Stay tuned!!

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