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We were up and checked our e-mail this morning to learn that Eva's Dad had passed away this morning. Les is quite upset, both at the loss of his father-in-law and not being able to be with Eva at this time. We went down for breakfast this morning, which we enjoyed with Iain & Larry from Edmonton, the Jon joined us.

We went to the morning session which was led by Mark Buchanan of Calgary. He was very good and will continue tomorrow and Saturday. This led into a general session asking questions about the mission of the Church. During these sessions we had the privilege if sitting beside the couple who had won the Lehotsky Award in 2009 at the Winnipeg Triennial. More about that Award on Saturday

We had lunch with most of the CEIF board. Some had left this morning. I went to the exhibits booths and met one of the new CEIF employees.

I decided not to attend the business session in the afternoon as my standing as a delegate seemed in doubt. We rested in the afternoon and Christine slept for a short while, but woke with my phone. Hunter had rung my number by mistake with the phone in his hip pocket and did not answer when I returned the call, so we called his home and spoke to Fiona for a while.

We went out for a light supper, having had such a good lunch.

We walked down to the Convention Centre and went to the CEIF booth and met another employee we had not met before, and talked to Igor and Natasha and some other people we knew.

We went into the evening session which started with some familiar hymns. So far the songs had been unknown to us and it was good to worship where the instruments did not drown out the words.

This was followed by a presentation by Bob and Les on CEIF and an introduction of representatives of NAB partner ministries from Japan, Korea, Philippines, Hungary and Argentina.

The speaker was Reggie McNeal who spoke on the role of the Church. WE are the Church! His keynote phrase to me was, "We do not need to DO Church better, we need to BE Church better". Terry Fossen said to me afterwards that he was afraid that McNeal, being a prolific author would have a dry, academic presentation. My response was that the only dry thing about his presentation was his humour! While extremely, extravagantly, funny at times, he really got his point across.

We went from there to a dessert reception with presentations from Taylor College and Seminary. It was well done and presented a brief history of the college and plans for the future, as well as news of White Cross which is now administered under the E.P. Wahl Centre as part of the college.

We got back to the room somewhat late and eventually got to bed.

Tomorrow we have a similar pattern to today, without the late reception, and the business was all taken care of today, so the afternoon will definitely be free.

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