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Someones view of Broken Top & the Three Sisters near the town...

Uh-Oh. Someone else shouldn't have stopped for the view.

Dee Wright Visitor Center tower of lava stones

Interpretive sign describing the area

The lava sea as described in the sign

More lava sea

A road through the sea? Amazing!

We finished our trip to Bend by making a loop – no repeated roads for us. This loop took us through the small town of Sisters, northwest of Bend, up close to the Three Sisters volcanoes, along with many other volcanic peaks. Having looked at a map to plan our route home, I had chosen a rather obscure state route, 242. Much of the very windy road was unlined since it was not really wide enough for the official divider line for two vehicles. Halfway along the route we got a big surprise. There was a fully developed small “park” called the Dee Wright Observatory. A round stone tower had been constructed right in the middle of a lava field with “porthole” openings left in the tower of lava rock brick construction through which you would see a single volcanic peak which had been labeled by chisel in the cement (nearly impossible to read due to the age of the building). It was a fantastic treat along the road....quite a surprise.

The rest of the loop trip home was on a forest service road – actually wider in most areas than the state route 242 we had taken, though not all paved. There was a lot of winding around and mostly driving down, down, down the mountains. We arrived back home about 9:00 PM just about dusk.

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