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Car for Jacob, Caracas, Venezuela

Car for Jacob, Caracas, Venezuela

Suburbs of Caracas, Venezuela

View from hotel room, Caracas, Venezuela

One of the churches in Caracas, Venezuela

Cathedral in Caracas, Venezuela

Lynn in Simon Bolivar's (El Libertador) house, Caracas, Venezuela

Statue of Simon Bolivar on a horse, Caracas, Venezuela

Sunday 13th April 2014

Ciudad Bolivar to Caracas, Venezuela

Up very early this morning. No breakfast in the hotel – we were too early apparently, so they decided to head off at about 6:00am. Another long drive (about 580km) through mainly very dry uninteresting country as we headed north to the Caribbean Sea and then west to Caracas. Venezuela is very dirty and messy and where we stopped for ‘breakfast’, there were a number of small eateries and a huge amount of rubbish of every description strewn around. There are rusting cars, trucks and buses everywhere and the towns and villages look very poverty stricken in this part of the country. We eventually reached Caracas, a very large city, at around 5:15pm and checked into our hotel, had a bit of a rest and went out for a farewell dinner – 12 people are leaving today as it is the end of the second part of our trip. We had a very nice meal at an Italian restaurant, came back to the hotel and to bed around 11:00pm. It is cooler in Caracas, as it is set at about 900 metres above sea level. It has steep hill all around the city. There are major shanty towns here and it looks very poor, but the centre of town looks OK.

Monday 14th April 2014

Caracas, Venezuela

Up late today and had breakfast next door. After breakfast we set off to the city on the packed metro – nine stops, and then we arrived in the centre of the city. We were looking for a post office and had a map, but after asking numerous people where the post office was, we finally found it but it was no longer operating as a post office, but we were told there was another one further along the street a number of blocks. After a few wrong directions and a lack of understanding Spanish on our part, we found it but it was shut for lunch so we headed off to look at the National Gallery of Art, but wouldn’t you know it – it was shut on Mondays. So we decided to have lunch in a small restaurant and it was very nice. After lunch we went back to the post office. It was open and when we asked about posting cards, they said they didn’t do postage to Australia, Asia or Africa, so we were stumped and gave up. We then walked back and had a look at Simon Bolivar’s house and the Simon Bolivar Museum. These were very interesting. After that we walked back to the metro, having a look on the way back at the Church of San Francisco. We then walked back to the metro and went back to our hotel. Found out that one of our group was pickpocketed on the metro coming home. Met the 3 new people (12 people have left). Early start tomorrow for the new section of the trip from Caracas to Quito.

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