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Flowers A Blooming everywhere!!! Tosi's house!

Garden....and so many beautiful roses!

And yet another view!

Ok, I actually slept in until 730am!!! I did not have to feed the animals as Lilly the housekeeper was there! I showered, had coffee, put the earbuds in and proceeded to update this major project I have taken on! It so upsets me when I am not up to date with filling you all in....with daily updates and pics of this wild, strange trip I am on!!!! I relaxed, walked a little and caught up! Tosi and Francisca came in about 2pm! Lunchtime!!! She prepared a wonderful lunch: rice, beans, salad w/ pinoli (pine nuts), and of course fresh ricotta drizzled with olive oil!!! Francisca does massages so she did Guy first as Tosi and I started to prepare 200 artichoke hearts for canning! What a chore but well worth it in the end! Tosi was next on the massage schedule while I continued my tardy journal! Next massage-me! It was a wonderful combination of deep tissue, pressure points, reflexology and relaxation! Afterwards, Tosi said I have never seen you sooo relaxed! We had quesadillas with fresh salad for dinner, dishes done and know the routine......buona notte!

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