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Sellf expanitory


Jules (my niece) I wasn't as good as you. I should've been.

Back in FLA again!

We went to the praise service this morning at Covenant UMC in Dothan AL. There must have been 650 for the 10:40 service. It was great. This is our second visit to this Church(Ash Wed)and again we really enjoyed it. This is a UMC that understands how to grow. I must say, in my life of lives I have only been slapped up the head once in church that I remember. My Father and I attended a Presbyterian Easter Sunday service in Bellmore NY (on Long Island where I grew up) and with a full house and the pastor berated the congregation for being C and E Christians. I would think on the Holiest of days the pastor would have expressed the JOY of the day. So, today the Praise Minister chastised the throng for their lack of enthusiasm last week. I found some comparisons in the 47 years since I took offence. But they are growing and it is exciting to be there. OK now on to the events of the day. Earlier, we were putting he camper on the Big Honkin Dually. Shirley (in bare feet) stepped on the running board to do the connections for the rear view camera and he rear lights. In that process she jammed her foot. After Church she said she needed to go to the ER. So off we went to Flowers Hospital. It took 3 hours and it is (thankfully) just a VERY sore bruise. She got fitted for crutches and they said she was 5' 2",that would make her leggy (not) so she adjusted them to fit. The bad thing is with all the meds she can't drink beer. C'est domage, that means I MUST down her ration. Enjoy the pics,

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