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Rural roads eastbound to Alabama

They warn us that the speed is checked by air

More humidity in the air as seen ahead

On of the highest spots on the Mississippi roads. There is a...

Beautiful Southren Home

Interesting church advetisement

Entering Alabama

This doesn't look Amish, not sure what it is

With all the forests around here we started seeing logging trucks

I guess the tractors have the right of way

The dirt is REALLY red here

Crossing Wheeler Lake at Decatur, AL

Huntsville AL NASA Flight Center is near

The rockets were visible from a distance

There is a SR71 Blackbird displayed in front of the Space Center

Davidson Center for Space Exploration, US Rocket Center

One of many gorgeous Southern homes near the state park

The road up to the state park on Monte Sano

Monte Sano State Park campground road

Our little home nestled away among the big trees

Lee High School, Huntsville - one of Larry's high schools

Larry used to "cruise" through Shoney's

We stopped at the Huntsville Elks Lodge 1648

Going in to socialize and see if he knows anyone

The Elks had a great BBQ patio that they use often

Just a quick stop overnight in Huntsville since we are this far north in Mississippi. We just ran on over to northern Alabama on rural roads. Larry wanted to check in on his old high school, Lee High School in Huntsville. He only attended one year while his parents worked for the space program for Boeing.

Traveling thru Mississippi we saw plenty of flowering Magnolia trees, brick homes, kudzu along the highway, and Armadillo road-kill with vultures doing their job on the road side. In the north east corner of Mississippi was a mountain peak that was the highest spot in the state at 806 feet. From about mid state to the north there were small rolling hills that were higher than in the southern part of the state.

Driving thru Alabama it was very forested before reaching Huntsville. We saw a funny sign that read "Coon Dog Cemetary". I guess they really love their Coon Dogs.

We camped in the state park on Monte Sano mountain east of Huntsville. It was gorgeous - lush green and tall trees. The road was a little tight getting up there, but not too bad. If you're ever in Huntsville, check out the camping in Monte Sano State Park.

After setting up camp, we took off to find where Larry used to live. He found his high school, Lee High (he attended only one year), and we also found his house. We saw where he worked (but the building was gone), and where he used to cruise through Shoney's. Then we visited the Huntsville Elks lodge. We met some members that had lived there all their lives, even attending Lee High School, and talked over old times.

There is more to see in this area, so I'm sure we'll be back to tour the Space Center at another time.

There is still the flowering bush along the highway that smells so good. But we hear that it's not so good for people with allergies. Knock wood, thank goodness, it's not bothering us.

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