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Gareth shows off his new snazzy Nokia 2100! A steal at only...

The hostel we stayed at in Wanaka... great place!

The Purple Cow in Wanaka - a great place to stay!!

The view from the hostel in Wanaka.

Arriving at Queenstown - The Kawarau Bridge - the site of the...

One of the Stray Bus passengers gets ready to jump!

Hanging out at the Kawarau Bungy Centre

The view from 'Bumbles', our hostel in Queenstown.

The view across 'The Remarkables' mountain range.

Welcome to Queenstown in the South Island! For all those of you who are not New Zealand savvy, Queenstown is the 'Newquay' of New Zealand. Everything about Queenstown is **EXTREME**!. That is backed up with New Zealand's best nightlife - it's this town where the money flies out of your wallet. Helen and Gareth have thought long and hard about what we want to do here. There's so much that we're not entirely sure. Some of the attractions include:

47 metre bungy from a bridge :-O

134 metre bungy from a cable car over a ravine (world's longest - you must be joking)

47 metre bungy from above Queenstown 'The Ledge'

Hot air ballooning

Jet Boating

White water body boarding

White water rafting

'Red Bull Acrobatic Plane'




In the winter the mountains around the town become are major ski resorts. So, it's all a bit extreme, er, bro.

You can pretty much rule out bungy for us guys - firstly it's very expensive and second it's a long way down when you see it for your self! Gareth however is still considering it.

The jet boating is a must do. We also would love to parasail from a boat, but at the end of the day, if it's over priced we'll do it somewhere else. We're also thinking of doing the white water rafting in Australia. That's also something that is seen as a 'must do' if you're in Aus / NZ.

The acrobatic plane and the hot air balloon are both over 300 bucks (about 120 quid) so we'll probably give them a miss!

So there's loads to do! Looking foward to it!

On the way to Queenstown we stopped off at A.J. Hackett Bungy (The world's first bungy operator) at Kawarau Bridge. This was the site of the world's first bungy in 1988. One of the Stray passengers jumped. We all watched from the side goggle eyed. It takes a HUGE amount of bottle to do this. I'd say more than sky-diving. If you've bungied - drop a message to the site with your thoughts!!

She jumped though! She just went for it. When you watch someone dropping you realise how far down it really is. It put Gareth off big time!!

Back in Queenstown we're staying at 'Bumbles' lodge. It's cheaper there than the place that Stray recommended. It's also smaller and cosier too! The big places can be a bit like 'Travel Lodge', the smaller places are like a cottage.

In the evening we went out with friends. Drinks in Queenstown are expensive if you don't have vouchers. We went to a few bars - ending up at the 'World Bar'.

'Laters Bro!'

'No worries!'

'Sweet as!'

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