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One of many, especially near the Citadel (where I saw the Sufi...

A bit dark, but still. . . . . not a set...

Could be a better photo, but it's still a curious scene (they...

A closer look at the gang.

Making religious wares.

The start of the sufi dancers show - the musicians.

Let the dancing begin.

A man enjoying his work.

Another dancer

Getting wound up....

... and spun around.

Serious twirling.


Keeping the energy going and the dancer in time.

And he could stand still after all that twirling. Amazing!

New dancer - new colors.

A Sufi lifesaver - Egyptian eye candy!!!

And we have take-off.

Mr. sufi dancer - a twirler extrodinaire.

So, now I am in Cairo, just 15 minutes walking from the Nile and 15 minutes driving from the pyramids. I arrived very late on the 15th, and spent yesterday sleeping, changing hotels, and going to the Cidadel for the evening sufi dancing show. TOday was more relaxing, a trip to the Nile to see the great river, and time getting caught up with my website. Tomorrow, I go to the Egyptian Museum in the morning and the Giza Pyramids in the afternoon and evening (for the light show at the Sphynx). My plan is to fly to Athens or Crete on either the 19th or 20th - depending on availability (to be determined tomorrow).

I wish I could show you some of the photos from life in downtown Cairo, and the sufi dancers last night, but the Internet place I'm at has Windows '98, so my modern technology of uploading from my camera doesn't work here. Soon, maybe - or from home once I get there. The dancing and music was fantastic, very mezmorizing. The dancers (all male, somehow I expected women) made the twirlers at Dead shows seem like, well, hippies dancers. This was the real McCoy. And it's something to walk around at sunset and hear the Muslim prayers come over the loud speakers, or see the couples hanging together in the varous parks, or the men smoking their hukas and playing backgammon. All very new for this WASP from little ol' Bozeman.

As much as I like the uniqueness of it, the look of Cairo seems pretty bland compared to some other places I've been. Most everyone wears drab colored clothes (black, grey, - dark whatever), and I miss seeing the beautiful hair of women. But, hey, I'm in Cairo, and it's very much an unexpected treat to the brain and feast to the eyes - no matter the colors and tones (besides, not everywhere can be Thailand).

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