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Day 1 on the Atlantic - about 11:30 am.

Progressive sunset






Going, going...


Our room after the morning cleanup

Day 2 on the Atlantic - about 11:30 am.

Maureen working out.

One of the pools.

The movie screen during the day.

A very long hallway.

Larry waiting for pizza. The ice cream bar is to the left.

Looking down into the Piazza, midship.

The ceiling of the Piazza.

The movie screen at night.




Day 3 on the Atlantic - about 11:30 am.

More rays through the clouds.

Wash from our balcony.



Day 4 on the Atlantic - about 11:30 am.

Our balcony.

Balloons in a net tied to the ceiling of the Piazza -...

Captain Speaking on the last formal night (Larry's skulking in the background).

There was a medical emergency at the beginning of his speech so...

Captain Speaking

During the culinary demonstration, these are scallops.

Chicken Cacciatore.

Chef Alfredo Marzi.

The galley tour.

Prepping plates for dessert.

Ready to plate!

Some cool sculptures.



Day 5 on the Atlantic - about 11:30 am.

Day 6 on the Atlantic - about 11:30 am.

Morning in Fort Lauderdale.

A vending machine at the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

It's too early!!

Maureen took a picture each day at about 11:30 am from our balcony to show what the weather was like. It was almost perfect all the way across. We had brought our little DVD player with us and borrowed a number of movies to keep us amused.

We went to a couple of shows during the six days. Marty Allen and his wife Karon Kate got on board in Lisbon and put on two very good shows. He's going to be 88 in March and she's 67. He's still very funny and she's almost like Tina Turner - very energized, a good singer and pianist. We also saw the hypnotist in the Explorers' Lounge.

We saw two Culinary Demonstrations with Chef Alfredo Marzi. The first one he demonstrated a nice way to cook Barramundi which we thought we could use for halibut. He also demonstrated Creme Brulee where he told us about re-using the vanilla bean (rinse and dry). The second one he demonstrated Chicken Caccitore and a dish with Scallops with Ratatouille. He told us he does not like to leave his garlic in the dish but saute it in olive oil until browned and then discard, then saute the remaining ingredients.

On October 21 Maureen was thrilled with lunch as it had an Indian theme. Larry wouldn't even eat in the same room!

A couple of times we went to the Wheelhouse Lounge and had a pub lunch - fish and chips. We also made use of the library. The Internet Cafe was a very busy place the whole trip. It was very slow and very expensive. Larry was able to keep up with work.

October 22 was our third and final formal night - the Captain's Farewell. The idea was everyone was supposed to wear red of some sort. We chose to go to the Crown Grill this evening. It was $25 per person extra. We had beef tenderloin. Larry had lobster as well. Then you can choose sides to go with that. We were assured by our waiter who was from Mazatlan that we would try to come back before 11:00 to have our dessert but we were just too full! Oh well.

All in all, a wonderful trip. We're looking forward to the next one...

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