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We had a lazy start to the morning with our first stop was after only two hours. We got to call home to Nan and Pop which was great as we hadn't spoken to them for a few days. The food was insane. Mum had the meat pie with mash and peas and I had chicken with mash and peas. It was bloody good but massive servings, neither of us finished all of it. No wonder there is a weight problem in this country.

This stop was only supossed to be to get a drink and well take a pee actually but ended up being about two hours long. On the way out after getting the drinks and yes, peeing, Mum spotted an internet spot. So we plonked down and got some travel emails done. The person responsible for keeping the cruise tickets at the office was sending them to our home address....SHIT. That needs to be rectified fast.

We finaaly got back to Luton anbd tried to fing some accommodation. Well Luton was literally booked out. Yes the whole damn town. Well not really, yo could have a basic room for about $250 AUD. No chance. We got some fanastic help from The Days Hotel folk who called around the outskirts of town for us and booked us into a B and B. They even printed out the directions.

Well Mum and directions....what a pair! Unfortunately the first heading was in the opposite direction of where we were going. About 20 mins later and a bit of frustration we figured out that the hotel thought that we had parked facing the other way and that was our problem. So back we went and finally made progress. They give odd directions though. Where we would say go straight ahead at the roundabout, their instructions were to take the second exit. Same again for take a right at it, take the third exit. Talk about making more work than required.

We ended up out in the boonies it felt as the country isn't far from the metro, if that makes sense. We just over shot the B and B as the sign was not very close to the road. We backed up and parked in front of this wonderful big old home. It was fantastic. The owner was a lovely English gentleman and his wife was German. They took us upstairs...of course...to our room and it was so pretty. The bathroom was very new looking and it was all so clean. The beds were very comfy and we would have liked to have stayed more than the one night as the owner had wished. There was even a rocking horse. No I didn't break it, I didn't get on it.

We took a walk down the street later in the evening at had tea at an English pub run by asians. We had what was supposed to be rump steak but we knew better. There was supermarket down further that sold a range of wines from all over the world. Australia was represented well. We didn't get any however.

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