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Crab again

Excited today as our adventure in the galapagos is about to start!

We head to the airport early to catch our plane to the Galapagos. As is quite usual in South American countries, you can't even enter the airport without showing your ticket. We check in our luggage and wait for our flight. There's a little confusion when we stop and have to disembark in Guayaquil ... we're not told for how long. But, apparently, this is pretty normal and we're soon on our way.

The airport at San Cristobal looks pretty desolate out on its own at the edge of the island. And there's pretty much nothing there. On arrival, we have to pay the galapagos park fee, wait for our luggage which is piled in a corner and set off to meet our guide.

Our guide is Estefan and there really are only 6 of us on our boat for 12 ... hurrah! This should be fun. The other 4 turn out to be a lovely down-to-earth American family. We head off in the minibus to hire our wetsuits (making a slight detour to buy Fran some flip-flops)

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