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The river


Our original intension was to make it all the way to Sarikei, but this way we got to see Saratok (roughly half-way between Betong and Sarikei). I was starting to feel a little tired, and dreamed of having a good rest. Without really looking for it, we found a very cheap room, that on the surface looked alright - likely due to our standards/expectations being considerably lower as compared to when we started on this journey almost 4 months ago. After squeezing our bikes inside, and having a rather awkward shower we decided to check out the little town. We both felt like celebrities walking around. Being off the main road, Saratok sees very few travelers. We were quite surprised to see over 10 hotels in this little town of 4 streets - many with snooker halls.

A couple of locals told us to check out the Chinese Temple for dinner. Much to our surprise, the Temple rests on several restaurants. The meal was tasty, but expensive. The town has many basketball enthusiasts. We passed both an outdoor, and an indoor basketball court with games on in late evening. The squeaking of shoes on the floor was tuning out the last prayer of the day at the local Mosque. Later we watched a Tai Chi practice, as well as a group of young boys and girls practicing some intense martial arts.

Getting back to our room, we noticed the adjacent rooms occupied. Late into the night we had a hard time falling asleep to the sound of TV, voices, singing, and furniture being moved. We got what we paid for at the Golden City Hotel.

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