Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

One family, Shilrley's 3rd cousins and one is missing

Our brother in law Ray

Nephew Chad

Nephew Gary and son Logan

Gary's wife Kim

Shirley's sister Paula

Paula's daughter Holly

Paula's grandaughter Sophia being held by Paula's daughter Tori

Shirley's sister Dianna with Logan

Shirley's sister Leona


The back of Ray and Peggy's house

Stream behind their home

Camping with Jack and Dianna at Aunt Leona's house

Remember Sargent Joe Friday saying just the facts m'am well this is your 16 month stats update. We drove to Shirley's Aunt's house in Wilawana PA, just over the PA border from NY. We are camping on her front lawn and we're not alone. Shirley's sister Dianna and Jack are camping too. We saw a lot of relatives, some we had never seen before and we saw Shirley's mother and step father Richard. More doin's today then on to Long Island to visit with my Dad and Herta before Dad and I fly to the wedding in CA. OK here are the stats. We have driven 8334 miles in year two (4 months)with a grand total of 37,608. The big honkin' dually now has over 100,000 miles. Our cost of lodging in year two is $1921. We have saved $651 with our camping clubs etc. an astonding 34%! Our average night's stay is $15.62 ($16.56 with tax). There have been 45 free nights these 4 months. Thanks family, friends and Walmart. We have spent $2631 on fuel. Our average cost per gallon has come down to $3.83 with an all time low of $3.319 in Kokomo. We are getting 12.13 MPG. In year two we have spent $840 on fun stuff with savings of $64. Of the 123 days we have had rain on only 10 (8.1 %) and temps of 90 or higher 13 days (10.5%). The highest temp in year two was 102 in Kokomo which is 4 degrees off our all time high last year of 106 in Nebraska. Oh we have visited with 221 different people since our trip began and no one is counted twice. Off to Church. That's all folks. Enjoy the pics.

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