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A quick look at one of the turnouts near Ft Robinson...

Larry thought these were 'cheery' little flowers, he's right!

I think a coal train like this one sparked yesterday's grass fire...

Larry liked this place in Ardmore...

We stopped at Coldbrook Lake for a quick look, Bonnie is a...

The sky is really pretty but changing rapidly...

Wow, check out that sky!

Looks like it's on fire, doesn't it?

One last look, wow!

On our way home from Ft Robinson, Nebraska on Thursday we noticed several fire fighters working along the road on our left. Apparently a passing coal train is believed to have sparked a grass fire which consumed more than 300 acres of pasture south of Edgemont mid-day on Wednesday. Crews from Edgemont, Hot Springs, Ardmore and Cascade fought the blaze, which spread quickly before a strong northwesterly wind. Fall River County Emergency Manager Frank Maynard said that a shift in the wind and some well-placed water drops from a helicopter helped the fire fighters in their efforts. They were still working on it Thursday about 5:30pm when we passed by.

A lightning-ignited fire started on August 11th nine miles north of Edgemont, SD. The blaze, which is believed to have smoldered following an Aug. 10 thunderstorm nine miles north of Edgemont, in very rough terrain, wound up costing the life of one fire fighter, injuring four more and consuming more than 5,000 acres before being extinguished. At one point the smoke was thick even in the Custer area.

We originally thought that the pics I am posting today of an awesome sunset were due to smoke mixed in with the clouds. But I read that the fire was totally contained the morning of the 17th so I'm not sure now if that was the case. Anyway, it was an awesome sky to drive home to. Onyx was glad to see us, she hates it when we leave her. But Dick & Lou took good care of her for us & we really appreciated it. Thanks guys!

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