Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

We got behind tractors

Stopped by trains and low bridges

But we got here

The two Shirleys

The Mann-sion

Very nice

They keep their yard very attactive


But not the kind you're thinking of. We got our propane tank (we have 2) filled in Kokomo before we left. When we pulled into our campground with the lake I smelled propane and noticed the newly filled tank was leaking. I took it to be looked at and the gas company told me the safety pressure valve had blown out and done its job. The guy overfilled the tank. So I had to get a new tank and 7 gallons of propane. Overall the fill up cost us $100! But at least we know we are safe. A bit delayed but we pulled into Vermilion OH and are again at Tom and Shirley Mann's home across the street from lake Erie. It is always good to see them. Shirley and Shirley were college roommates for 4 years at Geneseo. We are looking forward to a nice visit in their wonderful waterfront town of Vermilion. Oh, our last fill up was for $3.319 a new all time low. Enjoy the pics.

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