Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Clock and gardens at Berne

Honoring the orignial Menenite settlers

Decatur city hall

Peace monument Decatur IN.

Our site with the low trees

Very inviting at 102 degrees

Look who's in the water!

Is that Izzy with a beer

We're both in

Hot was the key word for yesterday. It reached 102 in the afternoon that's 4 degrees lower than the record 106 we had last summer in Nebraska. But is was plenty hot. So hot that Shirley actually went swimming in the lake at the campground. Our spot for the night is very beat and expensive but we are coming into a long string of gratis nights as we will be visiting friends and relatives for the next few weeks. On our trip yesterday we stopped into a little town named Berne. A Swiss town all done up like the Alps with a huge clock centerpiece park which was very nice. Then we stopped for lunch in Decatur Indiana. Yes, another Decatur. They are restoring the city hall and it looks beautiful. Leaving shortly for Vermilion OH and a few days with great long time friends Tom and Shirley Mann. We do love Vermilion and visiting with these folks we have known since college. Shirley was my Shirley's roommate. Enjoy the pics.

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