North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

lots of flood waters

more water than we would like

give up on Ariah Park - turn round

Wednesday 21st Sept still in Temora - Ariah Park??

Today it has started with rain, which just continues what we had all night - rain, rain and more rain. The ground in this park is at saturation point. No more vans are allowed in, we are the only two. Any one coming onto this area now would be crazy including us. But where would we go - so we just stay and make the most of it. Quiet morning sitting around waiting for the rain to ease which it did late morning. Quiet that is until Ron 'n Jan decided late morning to move the van up to the ‘high’ ground with Ron n Hazel to avoid the mud bath outside the door access. That filled in an hour or so. It also avoided the need to shout over 25 metres “Is it time for a cuppa yet?”

We planned to go to Ariah Park, a little village 20mins away which is still trying to catch up to the 20th century according to locals. Should be fun. Have lunch first then off.

We didn’t even get out of town when we saw the result of last night’s rain in the local area. Overflowing gutters still running as the water tries to get away. On towards Ariah Park and only a few kms out of town and we found the first of many water-over-road places. We pushed on - our Prado has a snorkel, we can breathe under water. It just occurred over and over again. We pulled the pin 10km away from Ariah Park and turned around when we came to a stretch of water about 100m long with no idea of its depth and passengers getting more and more nervous as the black clouds built up overhead threatening to do another dump to prove that the Gibsons are indeed capable of bringing rain (and lots of it) wherever they go.

Actually I think we are OVER the rain, and the slush, and the mud up between the toes, and the wind, and the need to wear a leather hat to the shower/toilet block to protect ourselves from the over-zealous magpie who thinks we are going to climb up a 5m high tree to take her little ones out of the top branch. Crazy bird!!!!!

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