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Carpe Diem's old and new diffusers

A half mile from our start a road closure???

Sat, 27 Aug: And back "home" again...

After two days in the shop Carpe Diem was "released" mid day yesterday. Rather than head home late in the day we opted to avail ourselves of another nite at the Freightliner of Tolleson's courtesy customer parking. Since it was a Friday/Saturday nite it was relatively quiet so we got a good nite's sleep.

The service went very well and no major issues were found. It included a chassis alignment to address a tendency to pull to the right. Turns out it is a problem with a front tire so we're looking at replacing our steer tires next year. We also had a very rusted and ugly exhaust diffuser replaced with a nice, new, shiny one (see pix).

We arose without the bother of the alarm and took our sweet time getting ready for the road. After a service we're particularly vigilant in going thru our checklists just in case. We didn't expect any problems, and there weren't any. These folks are pros.

Sandi rolled wheels at 0948 and headed south on 99th Street. Our intention was to continue south to Broadway and then head east, but alas 99th was closed for repair work at Van Buren so we were forced to take it. Not as nice because Van Buren has too many lites. Eventually we reached 51st street, which we took south thru the reservation, I 10, and Casa Grande. Today's drive was 68 miles with a fuel economy of 7¼ mpg.

We arrived back at RoVer's Roost at 1145 and got set up. It was a cooler day today, only in the high 90s. Such a deal.

We'll remain here till Labor Day when we'll again head to Northeast Phoenix for a few days. More about that anon.

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