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Bevan in dining room

The Crown

Wakehurst house from the side

the front is more imposing!

Wakehurst Fireplace

one of several lakes

the staircase

and one of many many exotic trees

with its name plate

and another

Jennie wanted to go to the second day of the BIG Antique Fair at Ardingly. I figured I could handle it for a wile but not for most of the day, so Bevan and I went off exploring. There was a National Trust property not far away; Wakehurst Place; so we started there. It is advertised as Kew Gardens Seed Bank, Gardens and Wakehurst House. They didn't accept Jennie's Australian Family National Trust Card (which usually gets reciprocal entrance to most National Trust places in England. This time Kew leases the property, and they don't have any reciprocal arrangements. And the girl at the desk was very vague about the house, so we assumed we couldn't get entrance. SO we had a coffee (you're right, we ARE just about coffeed out!) and looked through their nursery. That was well worth a look. Prices much the same as at home, and every plant looks as healthy as it was possible to be.

Then we headed for the next village and after taking a photo on the way out to the garden had lunch. It was a hot day (true!) (Couldn't make a decision so though not really hot day fare, Bevan got the Suet Beef and Ale pudding and I got a smoked Salmon salad. Then we shared and had half of each (not actually a good combination! but both were delicious!)

When we got home Bevan was telling Matt where we had been. He thought we had lunch at the Castle Hotel, I thought the Kings Arms. AS you can see we were both wrong!

Then after a walk around the church on the hill, back to Wakehurst. Bevan was positive we could get to the house. There was a sign, including one to Parking, which happened to be the one we had been in earlier. This time we went away from the main entrance to a Public Path. Down this we came on some very interesting Willow cane Sculptures. These were so interesting I took photos of them all, I then couldn't decide which was the most interesting so have put the lot in the following journal entry.

We passed the Seed Bank and came upon the House.

There seemed no one at the Seed Bank taking tickets, and at the house there was certainly no officials, so in we went. (Bevan confessed later he felt very guilty doing this. I obviously don't have the same level of morality!)

We weren't impressed with this. It seemed very higgledy piggledy! but around the corner we realised we hadn't been looking at the front. Much grander from this side!

There has been no recent restoration work done on the house, but they need to do some before they lose what is there

outside there were acres of gardens, all landscaped

and full of rare and exotic trees. One of earlier inhabitants of the house had been an enthusiast.

Every trees had its label, which was useful for us ignormaouses.

Had lots of photos of the trees, but this is the last for now!

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