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Carpe Diem at Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds

County Road 4 approaching Fairgrounds

Detour to Fairgrounds due to closed bridge

Blue Water RVers Chapter Happy Hour

Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds

Tue, 17 Sep: Another short travel day

Today we relocated from the Elkhart Campgrounds in Elkhart to the Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds in nearby Goshen. As the crow flies, should the crow choose to do so, it is a mere dozen or so miles. But, given our need to stay on truck routes and getting lost we added a total of 33 miles to Carpe's odometer.

Getting lost? Us?!? Yup, you betcha! Did we ever get lost. But, thanks to our GPS and some less-than-detailed county maps we ultimately found our way and stopped at the Meijer's north of Goshen to add $200 worth of diesel to our tanks. We then "hung out" at Meijer's waiting to hear from Carmen and Domingo who were enroute from Michigan. We were to meet at the Fairgrounds so we could park together.

We got "the call" about 1245 and arrived at the Fairgrounds a few minutes after them. We were soon parked, tail-to-tail, and will remain parked thru Sunday morning. We are attending an FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) Great Lakes Regional Rally, which consists of FMCA clubs from the upper midwest. The Davilas are members of the Blue Water RVers chapter and they've invited us to join them for the rally.

The Blue Waters RVers are a very friendly group who have made us feel very welcome. They do know how to party as their daily Happy Hours start at three! And to think we thought a 4 P.M. Happy Hour was a stretch.

Thu, 19 Sep: Yesterday, Wednesday, was pretty much a down day. In the morning we toured the Newmar factory in nearby Napanee. It is an ongoing source of amazement to us how differently each motorhome manufacturer approaches the design and construction of their products. Newmar builds a very nice product including some high-end models that start in the $800K range.

The afternoon was mostly "hanging around", including Happy Hour with the Blue Water RVers. We were able to contact Chris and Charles Yust of C&C Marketing and arranged to meet for dinner. We drove to Wings, Etc. in Goshen where we attacked their 32 ounce Margarita special (one margarita per couple) and pigged out on their wings and buffalo shrimp.

Back to the Fairgrounds in time for the evening's entertainment; Danny Clark, a classically-trained baritone. He was very good and had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand.

Which brings us to today... The weather has turned rainy, hot, and muggy. We are to expect rain thru tomorrow so we may as well get the rain slicks and umbrellas out. Seminars and vendor booths are now open, so we did our first quick walk thru to see who's here. Later in the rally we'll return for our in-depth exploration. Crowds seem to thin out as the rally progresses.

We'll probably attend some seminars after lunch and see what's on the agenda for this evening's entertainment. As we oft say... Stay tuned!

As mentioned, we'll be here thru Sunday morning. Once we leave the rally we'll head out independently and probably won't rendezvous with the Davilas till early next year in the Southwest. Meanwhile, we'll be heading south toward Florida and our 25 Oct cruise.

Stay tuned.

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