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This is their sale sheet listing US prices

A note left with the items for sale

There is a cup located at each sale place to put your...


Walking Sticks hand made by the Mexican people










Beautiful paintings on rocks




They made this braclet and are wishing to sell it

Within Big Bend National Park lies the border separating the United States from Mexico. Sometime after Sept. 11 they tightened the border crossing and today it now longer exits. But the Mexicans on the other side of the border are very very poor and continue to cross the Rio Grande River entering the United States. So at night they illegally cross over into the United States and leave items that they have made and hope to sell. They sell walking sticks, and animals and plants made out of wire. They leave a small jar and a note for you to place your money into. After dark they cross and collect the money.

American are told it is illegal to take possession of their items and if you are caught with them they will be confiscated because they are illegally brought across the border to sell. So you do NOT buy their items. This is to discourage this type of activity. But Debbie found it very hard not to help them out, but she did not leave anything behind.

While on a short nature walk to the border we noticed a Mexican walking across the Rio Grande River to the American side. When he saw us he turned around. At that time we noticed he had some rope in his hand. Later we realized that he was trying to get his horse back which got loose on the American side of the river. Not sure if he ever got his horse or not.

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