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Kangaroos at Wilpena Pound

Part of Wilpena Pound

Beyond the Black Stump

On Saturday we drove from Ceduna to Quorn through about thirty towns which were all identical, very wierd! They were all hidden from the road by huge white cylinders which apparently were grain storage places; it wasn't the most scenic day we've spent in the car.

Thanks to a wedding there wasn't a single room available in Quorn so we went on to Hawker which was another odd place. Quite a few people lived there but apart from the hotel (pub) where we stayed there was one shop and nothing much else. We had a nice room though and had a good feed downstairs in the bar with all the locals who were out for Saturday night on the town! They all went home at 8.30pm sadly so that was that for our entertainment in Hawker!

On Sunday we drove further north to Wilpena Pound, a gigantic natural bowl-shaped area circled by a high mountainous ridge, photos will give you a better idea of what we mean! It was an incredible place for a walk but sadly the lookout didn't do it justice, it would probably be best seen from the air. Much of the area was inaccessible in our fragile car so we decided we had had enough of the Outback for now and headed to Adelaide last night.

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