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The drift wood centre. It's all a bit Lord of the Rings...

NZ Drift wood close-up...

How cool is this thing? Gareth was more interested in this than...

Travelling to Wanaka... This is the Haast Pass. The clouds give beautiful...

The Haast Pass (The only way to Wanaka) is known for its...

The valley of the Haast Pass. Formidable.

The weather is so changable in NZ. This photo is in the...

On South Island there is very little going on. Here a bridge...

Cloud sliding over the Haast valley.

Helen takes a breather and a break. Each day involves hours of...

Gareth and Helen at Thunder Creek Waterfall.

The full power of Thunder Creek.

The Haast River cuts through the valley.

Another view of the river further up the valley.

The view the other way - the Haast River at full power...

Up at the top of the pass - nature in confusion. Rainforest,...

More rainforest and mountains.

Gareth and Helen being silly near Lake Wanaka.

Still 40km from Wanaka itself - Helen getting in there with the...

Gareth and the mountains!

Outstanding Natural Beauty. Lake Hawea.

Helen at Lake Hawea.

Gareth takes in Lake Hawea.

Gareth and Helen at Lake Hawea.

Helen poses for the camera!

The northernmost point of Lake Hawea.

Lake Hawea

The photo does no justice. New Zealand's natural landscapes are often of...

Gareth, Helen and a portable CD player. Nice.

Hi Guys!

Greetings from Wanaka!!

It seems everyone we bump into has a more interesting nickname for this unfortunate town - but to be fair it's one of the most varied and cultural spots we've come across in NZ. With outstanding views and excellant bargain accomodation, Helen and Gareth did well to jump off at this spot.

Just 70 or so km from Queenstown, Wanaka is a much quieter location, great for walks, tramping and other 'not-so-extreme' sports.

To get to Wanaka you have to tackle the 'Haast Pass', a winding and amazingly beautiful bit of road that was built in 1967. Before that it was a journey of 100's of km. The Haast Pass winds through valleys, mountains and two Lakes, Wanaka and Hawea. Take time to enjoy the photos. They are of some of the finest scenery we've seen yet. We've been told there's more to come - especially in the Queenstown area. Keep an eye out ;-)

In Wanaka we managed to buy a phone off another British traveller for $90. That's around 32 quid. Bargain. It's a Nokia 2100 complete with NZ charger (yay!!) and sim card. We're very chuffed - it means that Helen and Gareth can now be a little more independant, especially in Australia when we'll both be working.

Set next to Lake Wanaka, the town is quite small, boasting it's own locally run cinema and a crazy puzzle 'kingdom'. We'll be checking all that out tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures. Hope it's worth the effort of uploading them. Drop us a message with your thoughts and ideas on to the website!

Must dash. Chicken sandwiches to make!!

Much love, Gareth and Helen x x x

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