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Highwood Pass

Dressed for a fall hike

First larches






A rare non-timid Pika

Salad for dinner or a nest for the winter?




Heading to Grizzly Col

View back to Pocaterra Ridge

Phil, what season is it?

Phil practicing

The valley on the other side

Storm brewing

Too windy at the pass, heading back to Pocaterra Ridge


A rare photo by Dale

Pam and Phil enjoy the sunshine

Back in the meadow


Lunch stop



Looking back at Grizzly Col

Pocaterra Ridge from first bump




Lower altitude Bighorn

A whole gang of them

Mom and baby


A young moose



Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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360 from 1st bump of Pocaterra Ridge

(MP4 - 2.26 MB)

Bighorn sheep

We are always caught by surprise at how quickly the trees change colour in the fall. Everything was green when we went to Vegas and when we returned 2 days later, it was yellow and orange. Once the leaves start to change in Calgary we know it is time to get out in the mountains and see the larches before they lose their needles. So along with Phil, we headed to the Highwood Pass. It had snowed the night before but it was worth getting the boots a bit wet to see those spectacular colours! We won't try to describe them, pictures are definitely better than words in this case!

We first headed up to Grizzly Col but the wind was howling at the pass and it looked much more pleasant on the sunny side of the valley on Pocaterra Ridge (see Aug. 12 entry). Normally we don't do the same hike twice in a season but at this time of the year, this was like a totally different hike. We didn't hike the entire ridge this time, just went up the first bump and back down again. We saw quite a bit of wildlife on this excursion. Some Bighorn Sheep on the drive out, an unusually curious Pika at the beginning of the hike, some more Bighorn Sheep on Pocaterra Ridge, a whole heard of them back in the parking lot, a waddling Porcupine on the side of the road, some deer and a young moose. Definitely a successful day!

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