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Sleeping on the job - sleepy Betong

The ride to Betong followed a beautiful road, with lush vegetation on both sides. I would have enjoyed it even more if it wasn't for the fever. The day got to be extremely hot for me at one point, but nothing a little Tylenol wouldn't fix. When it finally kicked in, I was actually able to keep up with Myles (not an easy task).

Upon arriving in Betong, we had a hard time locating the town centre. Several directions from some friendly locals ensured we got to explore its outskirts while trying to find our way. At last, we managed to get ourselves settled in one of the 3 hotels available. We totally lucked out, as the following day, every room available, in every hotel was booked up for a convention - if it wasn't for the fact that we had no place to sleep we would have stayed an extra day to watch the craziness.

Finding food in this little town was a challenge. Everything was closed between 1pm and 6pm. We walked around looking for food. The town came back to life after 6, and we enjoyed our first bubur (a rice porridge).

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