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We left the Barrington Backpackers after breakfast and made our way along the coast to our surf camp location near the small town of Crescent Head. The driving was mainly highway driving again so it wasn't exciting.

We arrived at the surf camp at about 2:00 and it was a bit cold but we all decided to get into the surf. We had a short theory lesson and then hit the waves. The best way to describe my surf experience would be once again using a New Zealand term - "Shit-as". I felt that the beach was a bit croweded for beginner surfers and the instructors kept treating me like I was getting in everyones way. When I tried to move up the beach for some space they told me to move back closer. I gave the whole thing an honest try but I hate it. The fact that I almost lost a contact lens didn't help matters. It was included in the travel package so I was at least going to try.

After the lesson we got back to the surf camp and had dinner and sat by a fire. It was very chilled out.

Had the option to not go surfing been available (as in not included in the price) I would have totally avoided it. I gave it a try, but I would take a snow covered mountain over a beach 10 times out of 10.

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