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Rydberg's Penstemon


Found this out in the middle of the meadow

Oregon Fleabane

Timber Milk-vetch. One little flower is the size of my little fingernail.


Markagunt Penstemon

Walking the meadow by the campground


Mountain Deathcamas

Cedar Breaks Gilia

unknown at this time

Arizona White Thistle


I've never seen so many Columbine in one place

The fire near Strawberry Knolls beyond Duck Creek

Seen from Hwy 14

Smoke reflecting in Duck Creek

The moon is about to get engulfed in smoke


Sunset heading back to camp

Our first sunset up here

Official Ranger picture taken last week.

Discovered this under our slide out. It is from Arizona

Wanted in our rig

Sub-alpine Larkspur

Clement's Goldenweed

Sulphur Buckwheat

Close up of Mountain Deathcamas

Let me first say that we are safe and currently in no danger of the fire that broke out yesterday late afternoon. We can see the smoke from our site, but the fire is 16 miles away as the crow flies.

Yesterday was our first day off in four and we enjoyed a leisurely morning before deciding to venture out. Being that Hwy 14 is opened during the weekend when they aren't working on the landslide, we went into Cedar City for dinner and groceries. It was 87 degrees in the valley. It felt sooo good! We have been averaging the upper 60's, low 70's with a little wind at times. That warmth was real nice. We sure appreciate the weather up here though, compared to the rest of the country right now. Hope you all are staying as cool as you can and enjoying your summer.

On our return trip to camp Len and I decided to be adventuresome and go see how far away the fire really was. We made it as far as Duck Creek Village, which we had no idea what it was about and plan on checking it out today, when we decided to stop there as the sun was setting. We don't like driving at night here with all the deer. As it was, we had one that raced us along side a guard rail and ran out in front of us. Luckily I saw him. We probably saw a dozen deer grazing in the meadows on the drive home.

The flowers are starting to bloom here and I am including some pictures from the past four days. The 7th annual Flower Festival at the Cedar Breaks National Monument runs from July 7th to July 22nd this year. Don't know how spectacular the flowers are going to be as they have had no rain up here in 3 months. What is blooming though is beautiful. From this flower lover to our followers that love flowers also...here you go, enjoy!

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