Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

In the pool

In the deep end

Curt, Susan, Hudson being held and Cortland

Great backyard

Rock sculpture

Very nice

Garden house

Garden house with mini stairs for their outstide cats

Just one of many

They trapped a visitor to their garden

I met up with my good friend Curt Kalkstein who's nickname is 'Isss (for Curtis). We have not seen each other in 28 years but it was like we didn't miss a beat. I met Curt and his son for breakfast while Shirley laid low with her cold that is still hanging on. We had a great time catching up. You know, some people have to work and off Curt went. He is a photographer with a studio in his home (nice commute). Before I went back to the campground I stopped for diesel for the big honkin' dually. $3.419!!!! The absolute lowest price we have EVER paid for fuel since we have had the truck. I went swimming in a nice pool here, Shirley was feeling better and got her hair cut. Then Curt and his wife Susan had us for dinner. We met their two boys, Cortland and Hudson. They showed us their beautiful yard and we just talked what we've been doing all these years. It was a fun evening. Curt even took a professional picture of us and I will put it up tomorrow. Oh I also applied for Social Security and will get my first check in November. More good stuff to come today from Kokomo. Enjoy the pics.

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