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The Louisville Slugger Factory

Look at this bat

Depicting making the first professional bat for a player nicknamed the Louisville...

Jeanne with Griffey Jr

Me with Teddy Ballgame


looking at signiture blocks for ALL personalized major league bats

Painting of a locker room

Almost seems real

Jeanne and Don checking out a museum exhibit

This room hold the models of ALL major league bats prior to...

This glove weighs in excess of 60,000 pounds and they had to...

Bats are made of wood and come from Ash or Maple trees

A great day today! We all set off to seminars offered by the RV Rally in Louisville, then off to lunch and downtown to the Louisville Slugger factory and museum. Now who would have thought Shirley would really enjoy anything that was baseball related? I mentioned to her that bats are made with a lathe and really more of a craft than an an assembly line process. Well the museum and factory tour was EXCELLENT. Shirley liked it too. Each major league player under contract to the company gets 100-120 bats per year made specifically for him. I even held an old Jackie Robinson bat which was MY bat in high school. It really gave me chills to pick it up felt so good. They had a factory tour that showed each step for bat making, a movie, a ball park art exhibit, batting cages, museum, and a gift shop. If you ever get to Louisville be sure to stop into the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum. After dinner the four of us went to the Sheryl Crow concert and man was it loud. She is a rocker of some renown although she does have some more melodic songs. She has had many hits but her style is mostly loud rock which was met with mixed reaction by the 4500 people in the audience. We stayed till the end but we all went into the corridor for the last part, however we were glad we went. Enjoy the pics.

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