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Went to the Naked Winery after work today...

Not a great pic of Steve, sorry, but we enjoyed the music!

Larry took this one!

Great ribs here!

Our new friends, great group of guys! Especially Sid...

Real troopers, it's getting dark & they haven't had one break after...

Love this shot of Sid, Isn't it great, lol!

We were busy today!! I was looking forward to taking a short nap before heading over to the Wheel's West Rv Park for ribs and to listen to our buddies, the Ramblin' Rangers. But while I was at work today our friend Steve called to let us know he was doing a solo gig at the Naked Winery beginning at 4pm. So, I put my feet up for 45 minutes & we headed downtown for a glass of wine & a couple of Steve's sets. He was great, as usual. We really enjoy a great guitar player and he's one of the best. Lou joined us for one glass as well and then Larry & I went for dinner.

Oh my, the ribs were awesome as were the baked beans and the fries. Best fries I've ever eaten! When we were finished we moved over near our truck and put our chairs out on the lawn. Soon a guy came up to us, patted Onyx a bit and told us a pick-up truck with 5 other guys would be parking next to us in a minute or two. Well, we starting chatting with these 6 guys from Abilene, Kansas and they were so cool. One in particular, Sid, was terrific! He hit it off with Larry big time, in fact you'll see him giving him a smooch on his cheek in one of the pics. That's when he wasn't singing, dancing & just kicking up his heels in general!

They were such a great audience, Brad & Bonnie wound up playing an hour longer than scheduled. But how can you quit when everyone's lovin' the music so much, lol? It finally got dark and cool enough that Bonnie's fingers were really cold which makes it pretty hard to play the guitar. Everyone reluctantly let them go. We got Sid's business card and we're planning to make it to Kansas next May. He does guided bird hunts & promises good fishing too. I'd like to learn to bird hunt, sounds like fun. So, that was our evening. Good food, good music and new friends. Life is good...

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