Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Watch out for the planes

Don and Jeanne are here

Gatlin Brothers

The BIG rigs

The Belle of Louisville

Don and Jeanne crusin'

Leaving Louisville behind

Enoying the trip

Lookin' good!

The sunny side

The inside

Engine room

This ol' gal is 98 years young

On the rivah

Downtown Buildings

The Champ is from Louisville

It was a warm one

We are here at the Good Sam Rally in Louisville at the Kentucky Fairgrounds and Exposition Center and it is quite a place! We have met up with Don and Jeanne but we are not in the same parking lot camping area. They opted for electric and we did not. As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished. We are in the direct line of the the landing planes at the airport. And I mean direct line. We can see the landing gear as they seemingly skim over our roof top. It was especially appreciated at 3 AM when a private jet strafed us. That not withstanding we are having a great time. Don and Jeanne are about a mile from us but we all have bikes and we are meeting up all the time. Shirley went to the doctor yesterday and has new meds that hopefully will clear her up. She has no voice so it is interesting trying to determine what she is trying to say. But Shirley is a trouper. Last night's entertainment was the Gatlin Brothers and it was a very good show. Friday's headliner was Bert Backarack, his orchestra and singers. It was an excellent show. Who knew he wrote so many hits and after looking this fact up on the Internet, we only heard 2/3 of them. The four of us also took to the waterways today. The Belle of Louisville was our vessel as we cruised the Ohio River for two hours and had lunch on board. We're having such fun! Enjoy the pics.

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