Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Camp staff singing at Church in Lexington

Musicians too

Half the group

The other half

Inside Cedar House before




Camp Director Lee

Cedar House

Great job Shirley

Lookin' good

I am having mega problems with the Internet tonight so I expect the pics will need to be added tomorrow. Shirley finished the shelving she built from scratch, literally. The wood was harvested from trees on the camp property. She cut the boards on a saw and hung them in the warehouse. I went to the Cedar House which is very close to the campground and it was again a disaster area. This is a house purchased 5 years ago and it was in rough shape. After years of work the house is just about ready to be occupied by full time staff members, a married couple who are staying somewhere else on campus. Well, there was years worth of material and scrap laying around that needed to be cleaned up. Flash here comes Mr. Neat to the rescue. It was a lot of work but the kind I like and it turned out very well indeed if I do say so myself. I was hot and beat so the pool sounded like a good idea. A quick swim, dinner with the new campers and an hour and a half trying to get the blog done and I am about ready for the land of nod. I will try and load the pictures and three hours later here they are. Enjoy the pics.

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