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On the edge of the snake river, the hills will be brown...

Some Cool rock formations across from the river

A peek at the snake river

Pretty flowers at the RV park

The steelhead learn something new every day!

Check out the houses on the ridge. They have quite a view!

Its 88 degrees here in the shade, this afternoon, and I see you guys are sweating back home too. My phone says you are at 83 degrees. Wow. Thank goodness for the AC this afternoon. Even my sun bathing dog won't leave the AC this afternoon!

The potluck went well last night with lots of homemade food. (No one went to Costco!) My lasagna was a hit, only one small piece remained. This one guy told me he had never had "homemade" lasagna, his always came out of a box. And after the potluck he came and told us he preferred Mine to the boxed brand. Anyway there were many delicious choices, like pulled pork sliders, some homemade baby tacos, sausage and sauerkraut, and lots of interesting salads and desserts too. We were all very well fed.

This morning breakfast was provided and it was breakfast casseroles, fruit, and juice. This is a nice change from my usual plain Greek yogurt and fruit.

Zoey and I had a nice walk this morning, and she laid out in the sun for awhile until it got to warm for her. Then Spike and I took off to figure out where we catch the jet boat tour tomorrow. Its not too far away, about a mile and a half, and behind a hotel on the river. It seems that there are lots of places to take these tours, one is here at the RV park but knowing the Newmar people they have researched all the options and picked the best one for all of us. We hope to take lots of pictures to share with you.

It has been too hot for a couple of Spikes flowers, and they got fried. So we found a nursery near by and got a couple of replacement plants. Then we decided to take a windshield tour of the town and drive along the river before it got to hot. A few pictures are attached. This is a cute town with lots of older buildings and a drugstore with a soda fountain.

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