North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

"homeless" while RonP shifts the van

making liquorice at the Junee liquorice factory

coating it with chocolate (to make it healthy)

at the vehicle museum

I told you we had a lot of rain

inside the vehicle museum

at the Roundhouse Museum

Jan sorting mail on the Mail Railcar

canola fields on the way home

Tuesday 20th Sept - at Temora - trip to Junee

We are going to drive to Junee today (110km round trip) , but after deciding to stay the extra 3 nights, we are first going to shift Ron 'n Jan’s van onto the firmer drier ground. It took longer than expected because of the softness of the ground. The prediction is for another 24hr of rain tomorrow, so after shifting the van we put up the annex end on our van to protect the entry area from rain.

Eventually, we achieved the goal, had m/tea and got on the road to Junee 3/4hour away. Once again we have been reminded how beautiful the countryside is at this time after all the rain and on the run down to Junee we saw another 5 letterboxes for RonG to photograph on the way home.

First stop was the Junee Liquorice and Chocolate factory. It was set up in an old Flour Mill long since stopped. We had our picnic lunch outside at the tables before heading inside for a look around. The site comprised a large cafe area, chocolate/ liquorice shop, an area where we could watch the liquorice being extruded and then chopped into pieces, an area where we could watch to process of the liquorice being coated and rolled in chocolate, and a large homewares shop on the upper level. This homewares shop had us scratching our heads as we couldn’t understand the justification for including it on the site!!! Our time there included an interesting chat with a worker who also had an interest in the old vehicle museum next door so we also took a look at that. Even the pigs in the old vintage truck tray are prepared for the muddy conditions. We told it has been raining a lot!!! The impression of the two Rons was that the Liquorice Factory owners were not putting too much effort into maintaining a good standard for this tourist destination, and if they are not careful, it could drop off the radar of desirable places to visit.

On to the Roundhouse Railway museum. This was a desire of the 2 Rons to visit and I think the girls were a bit “ho-hum, yawn” about the idea - BUT - as it turned out this was fantastic, we had a personal guide for the 4 of us. Alan was very knowledgeable, past railway worker, and an active keen supporter of the museum. This is the largest railway locomotive /carriage turntable for trains in the southern hemisphere which is still in use today. It has 42 storage /work area compartments radiating off the central 100ft long turntable.  The engine drives on to the turntable, then it’s rotated to put it on to another track.   It was quite amazing.  Half of the round-house is now a museum while the other half is still used for maintenance of the rolling stock - either by pits beneath the engines/carriages or gantries above. The reception area had a very large impressive model rail set up which we all loved. All in all it was a great visit and even Jan and Hazel were most impressed and enjoyed every minute of our time there.

Onward home to our vans at Temora with 5 stops along the way for letterboxes. What a crazy hobby - I must put out a book someday!!!! The rain started again tonight about 9pm but didn’t last long, so maybe the bureau has got it wrong and tomorrow will be sunny. We can but hope.

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