Saturday morning around 0915 Ross & Marge left Oroville, Washington bound for Leavenworth, Washington a distance of 156 miles. The weather was excellent except for the temperature which was expected to reach 101 degrees in Leavenworth today. The campground in Leavenworth is called the Icicle River RV Resort located on the Icicle River but there darn sure won’t be any icicles around here today as the temperature is predicted to hit 104 degrees.

The drive was a very easy drive with good roads and light traffic. There are several forest fires in Washington at this time and one of those fires is very near Wenatchee, Washington which is where Ross & Marge had to turn onto US Route 2 and drive another 25 miles to Leavenworth. There were no signs of any fires until they got within twenty miles of Wenatchee where they began to smell smoke and some smoke was observed in some of the mountain areas. They did not see any flames or heavy plumes of smoke. Here in Leavenworth there is some smoke odor in the late afternoon and a slight haze at the same time. This morning there is no smoke odor and no haze but that will likely change later in the day.

There is a very nice county campground in Wenatchee but the fire fighters took the entire campground over and the place is filled with tents and other portable equipment used to support the fire fighters.

Leavenworth is a quaint little tourist trap with all kinds of restaurants, candy shops, clothing, etc. Yesterday as Ross and Marge were driving into town there were several tourist busses and one bus stood out as it was bright yellow and filled with Orientals.

River tubing seems to be a very active business as there are two rivers that pass through the town, the Wenatchee River and the Icicle River. Both rivers have a number of low risk rapids and there are a number of float businesses that supply the flotation devices as well as pick-up and return from the river. Ross and Marge are not likely to do any floating.

Ross and Marge have signed up for two nights here and they may sign up for a third since the temperatures predicted for the route they plan on taking are a degree or two higher than simply staying where they are. The campsite does have shading on two sides plus the surrounding mountains block the sun earlier in the evening than what it would be like were they plan on going from here.

Ross and Marge have been having a terrible time trying to get the local TV channels via the satellite and Thursday afternoon they got fed up with the tech-service of Dish and they were directed to an independent Dish Technician located about 6 miles south of Oroville. They took the Dish receiver to the tech’s residence where he tested the receiver and determined that there were no problems with the receiver. Marge called the tech on Friday morning and the tech was at the motorhome within thirty minutes. It took him less than thirty minutes to determine the problem was the LNB on the antenna. Fortunately he had a new LNB which he installed and the local stations are now available. It turns out that Tiffin employees did it again. There were two screws missing from the original LNB and those screws hold the LNB to the arm that holds the reflector and the LNB at the designed distance. According to the tech gravity held the LNB in place while the antenna was in the receive position but when the antenna was in the travel position the missing screws allowed the LNB plastic covers to bounce against the antenna while traveling. All three of the plastic covers were cracked and these cracks allowed water to enter the LNP causing corrosion that screwed up the signal reception. The total cost for the field visit plus the new LNB was only $158.00.

Today’s plans are to visit Leavenworth and have a Sunday brunch in town. After that they will likely extend our stay to three nights and on Tuesday leave for Richland, Washington where they will stay at least two and possibly three days before heading to Bend, Oregon where we hope to visit friends for a day or two before heading to California. However, they have no plans in cement.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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