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After a absolute down pour of rain overnight, crazy winds and pounding rain which managed to wake us both up, we packed up our stuff and started our journey back into Melbourne. We headed out to a little town called Trentham first which had a very historic bakery there. It was first built in 1892 and operated until 1987. Competitive bread markets shut the old style of bread making down, and lots were destroyed. In 2004 it was completely restored to original condition and is still operating today. It was neat to see the old school techniques used to bake bread. It took the bakers just over half an hour to cook a loaf of bread in this oven. Once we had a slice of toast and muffin there, we continued up the road to Trentham falls. They were a small waterfall but fell around 100 ft we'd guess, but were in a nice little gorge. We finished our little walk there then headed off to Kyneton. Another small town with a laid back atmosphere. We toured around town there for a bit then continued on. We next stopped at a winery just outside of Woodend. The winery was called Hanging rock winery and is well know by the locals as a winery that grew grapes at the highest elevation in the area ( only 650m above sea level). We tasted a few wines there then headed into the town to check out a small beer brewery called Hoggart. We tasted all the beers that they offered here, 8 in total, and none were really great except one, which was a special imported beer that sold for $ 17 a pint. We then made our way into melbourne, and since we didn't do so well o timing our drive into the city, we just headed to the airport to get out of the rain which had just started. We ended up getting to the airport 4 hours before our flight, but wight the rain pouring down, and ridiculous rush hour traffic, we figured this wasn't such a bad idea. We managed to get a bit of research done for the next leg of the trip. We then boarded the plane to perth and we were our way to the next destination.

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