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One more cold, wet day in Alaska. Temperatures this morning were in the low 50’s with a light mist in the air.

I called Verizon and added to 2GB for $20.00 to make my iPhone a hotspot that gives me Internet since I am in the woods.

About 12:15PM I dropped the dog off at PetSmart. I then went back on base to the Base Exchange and looked around. Left there and went to the Lucky Wishbone and had the chicken dinner for lunch. The place was packed. Everything I had read about it talked about their great food but mine was a little dry and not that great. To each his own I guess.

I drove into Anchorage and went to the Visitor’s Center. That was a mistake as it is in one end of the Anchorage Historical Court House and you have to go through security to get in. Just like going through airport security. Everyone had to take their jackets off and place all other items on the conveyer belt. The only difference is you did not have to take off your shoes. All the other Visitor Center's I have been to in Alaska have been much nicer. There is not a lot of parking and what was available was metered at $1.25 an hour.

When I finished at the Visitor Center I walked across the street to the log cabin information center. That is where the trolley runs to the Ulu Factory. As I was in metered parking I went back to the SUV and drove to the Ulu Factory. The Ulu Factory itself surrounds the store and the tour consists of one of the staff walking you to each window that looks into the factory area and explaining the process of making the bowls and knives.

At 16:00PM I picked up the dog at the groomers and went back to the RV. There has been a slow steady rain all day. The sky is completely overcast and the temperature never reached 60 degrees. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

No pictures for today because of all the rain and clouds.

22.5 SUV miles today.

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