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Welcome to "Big Bend National Park"

This is one of the many spectacular shots, it is known as...


This is another one of those views. It is known as the...

John & Jan at Big Bend

Debbie on one of the trails

This is the only distance between the United States and Mexico, The...

Tom threw an American Rock in to Mexico, now it is a...

This is a piece of drift wood, at first glance I thought...

Picture taken of Mexico township from American soil

The Mexican we saw trying to retrieve his hourse, but saw us...

Tom under a rock formation on the "Hot Springs" Trail

An actual Hot Springs

Tunnel under the mountain

Some prickly pear cactus are red, we don't know what causes this

What does this look like? Does it remind you of something to...



Debbie pulled of a thorne from a prickly pear, it is actually...


$3.95 2/10 per gallon. Have you ever seen gas for .2 it...

Would you like Tom to pump your gas?

Leaves on trees in March


Some interesting cloud formations

Gilberto Luna

This is known as a jacal (hah-KAHL)

The inside where it was much cooler

Today we arrived at "Big Bend National Park" found a nice place to stay in one of their campground for the next three days.

Big Bend is so large it would take a month or so to see the park. But we did the best with the three days we had. It is a fantastic park. It's very large and long driving distances between points of interest/restaurant & lodge, etc.

Big Bend National Park is a lesser known national park among the national park system. There is a lot to explore and accomplish in this vast 801,163 acre playground.

Big Bend has spectacular formations throughout the park. Big Bend also has more species of cactus, birds, reptiles, bats, butterflies and scorpions than any other national park. As many as 70 cacti species alone out of over 1,200 plant species are recorded to live within the park. 75 mammal species, 56 reptiles and well over 450 bird species are part of the complex ecosystem in the park. Birdwatching has become a significant attraction to Big Bend National Park.

Big Bend was officially founded in 1944. There are over 100 miles of paved roads in Big Bend National Park and another 150 miles of primitive dirt roads; some will require a 4x4 wheel drive vehicle with high clearance to navigate these roads. While driving one of these off road trails we ended up at the "Hot Springs" the water was about 110 degrees. We did not take a dip since it was around 90-degrees that day and we were already quite warm.

The 118 miles of the Rio Grande creates the border for Big Bend National Park separating the United States from Mexico. While staying at the park we took a walk on some nature trail. While walking on these trail you could see that the Mexican’s crossed the Rio Grande River during the night and left some items for sale (that you will see in my photo section). It is illegal to buy these homemade items (walking sticks, wired creatures/plants) because they illegally crossed the border to leave them. They crossed the border during the night hoping not to be seen. I found it hard not to leave them some money as they are really poor. But I didn’t.

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