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View of boat captain and ranger on boat on Kabetogama Lake

Goldenrod at Visitor's Center


Pine tree with Bald Eagle's nest that was struck by lightening. Note...

Closer view of Bald Eagle nest. Eagles obtain the sticks by standing...

Bald Eagle feet atound a stick.

Close-up of Bald Eagle tallons

Bald Eagle's nest with three fledgings which is unusual. Usually, only two...

Cormorant and Gull on rcck in Kabetogama Lake.

Restored Kettle Falls Hotel next to Kettle Falls Dam.

Hotel bar restored to pre-restoration 'sunk' state with curved and sloping floor...

Kettle Falls Dam constructied in the '20s. Hydropower plant downstream in International...

Kettle Falls visitors.

View from Kettle Falls Dam.

Another view from dam.

Yet another view.

Bald Eagle nest in Birch Tree which is not typical. Most nest...

Closer view of Eagle nest on Birch Tree. Some nests can weight...

View of Bald Eagle in Pine Tree.

Bald Eagle on rock on shore of Kabetogama Lake.

Pair of Bald Eagles in tree.

Dinner ingredients prepared by my favorite preparer for shrimp & grits with...

Preparer resting while waiting for chef to use the ingredients.

Preparer's assistant also resting.

Tomato sauce over shrimp over grits. Hmmmm. : )

July 18 – Boat Ride to Kettle Falls on Kabetogama Lake

We chose to take a ranger-lead boat ride to the easternmost part of the Voyageurs NP on an all-day float with 20 others to Kettle Falls. Ranger Gary had lived on Lake Kabetogama since he was 5-years old and really made the trip interesting with local stories about the happenings on the lake.

We left Lake Kabetogama Visitor’s Center at 11 AM. The weather was perfect in the mid-70’s and partly cloudy and the lake was calm.

In the map below, the visitor’s center is at the center of the map and Kettle Falls is at the far right. (Our campsite is in Ash River at the lower, center of the map.)

Map of Voyageurs NP

Voyageurs NP Wikipedia Page

The animals also cooperated. Several Bald Eagles posed for us including a set of three fledglings in one nest – a rarity since usually only two eggs are laid, three days apart. And, when food is lacking, the first born pushes the younger one out of the nest.

Also, we saw a set of three adult Bald Eagles fighting over a fish that one of them had in its talons but could not lift due its size. They buzzed each other and screeched as the fish-holder clambered up the rock with his prize. I was not able to get a photo of the three fighting.

One of the Bald Eagle nests was in a tree that had been stuck by lightening last week. The nest survived but a wide strip of bark was missing down the length of the tree. The bark was blown off by the superheated steam generated by the very high electrical current that pass down the tree trunk.

Also included in the trip, were sightings of Loons, Gulls, Pelicans and Double Breasted Cormorant.

At Kettle Falls, our destination, where a dam was built to hold the water of Lake Kabetogama as a reservoir for the power plant downstream in International Falls, we had lunch at a restored hotel/restaurant. The hotel/restaurant/bar were restored because the timbers were rotted and the building was tilting. The bar was built as it was before restoration with rounded/slanted floor and bar.

On our passage to Kettle Falls, we actually were north of Canada. See the map where the dashed line shows the boundary protruding west from the right side of the map. We went past Mica Island which is just west of Kettle Falls.

I will not attempt to send any photos due to our poor signal strength. The photos will be attached when we are in Eagle River, WI tomorrow afternoon (Monday).

Have a great week.

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