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Bon's Hat! End of Service Photo! Retiring After 2 + Trips

Bon and Old Hat, New Jacket Just Arrived Thanks to Tiff and...

Got going early but not enuf time for tea at Hostel...met the owners who pointed out that this place (Hostel de Conde del Arce) dates from 1700's! The high, wood beamed ceilings came from Central America! They also pointed out the painting (partially exposed) under the 1" thick plaster on the building's exterior dates from before the war with Chile (1800s). They wanted to talk more with us but unfortunately we had a bus to catch (Linea Line...only one going to Lima from here in the a.m.!) at 8:30. We were impressed by this bus company...on time, very organized, and the terminal is closest to Miraflores in Lima of all the ones we've taken to date. Because it was close to the center it took over 2 hours from the outskirts to bus station and Flying Dog Hostel (rush hour traffic). Taxi driver reminded us of our friend, Jodie, who drives in Boston wherever is necessary to keep not necessarily in a straight line. We saw alot of back streets during the half hour it took us to attempt to avoid all the jams, ha! Apparently, this is the beginning of a 2 week, Peruvian national holiday as well!

Good to see the place, great greetings from Joe, mgr, and Bon was especially excited to get her box of stuff from States to replace her lost/stolen goods not replaceable here!

Unfortunately, the room we had reserved had been taken by a group of 30-35 from Colorado (students traveling as part of educ program there). So we ended up in the dorm, not bad really, only one other gal in a 6 person room.


We pick up Bon's glasses, go to Jokey Mall and find a cap to replace Bon's 3 yr old, deteriorating one. Due to our ignorance of bus routes, travel in Lima is by expensive taxi so overall we are not doing well budget-wise here. Joe, the hostel mgr., got us into room 6 (private) but only one bed plus no windows so it's a cave.

I spent alot of time at internet trying to download pics to external hard drive...some success but must do more tomor. Went to 'The A Team' movie...what a hoot!



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