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Water towers of the south

Entering the Gulf Shores area

Big house, big property

Pine forests all along the highways

You can see the humidity in the air ahead


Rolled Hay

Lovely southern house

Foley Alabama proudly presents their city with flowers

One of several murals

Old southren style represented in the businesses

This one looks like the Spanish style in New Orleans

More flowers along the main street

Every corner on the main street had flower gardens

Want something unusual for your yard?

Huge Magnolia trees

Robertsdale is patriotic

Guld Coast Elks in Foley, Alabama

. . . going in for a visit

Nature trail in our RV Resort

Local native

The water looks brown because of the latest rains

Big sandy beach has soft powdery sand

Close up of Kudzu that takes over and grows on everything

We drove down to southern Alabama from Huntsville, stopping in Evergreen overnight because it was a long drive for one day. We stayed at a Passport America park for the discounted rate.

Then we chose to stay at a Resorts of Distinction (ROD) park. We need to use our memberships to help keep our costs down. We want to visit Pensacola, FL and also the Gulf Shores of Alabama.

As we drove through Alabama we saw lush green corn fields and lovely southern homes on large lots. It still is very humid and you can see the humidity hanging in the air on the highway ahead.

We visited the Foley Alabama Elks Lodge, which was of course, very friendly. The city of Foley had a large display of American flags, and they had flowers decorating the main street with hanging baskets and corner flower gardens.

At our resort, Styx River Resort, they had a little nature trail that went down to the Styx River and a lovely soft white sand beach. Like everywhere else in the area, we found Kudzu growing wild, taking over some of the landscape.

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