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The Palms River Resort boat launch from the Arizona side of the...

The river-front homes of the Palms River Resort from the Arizona side.

Anna ready for me to throw another rock into the water.

Anna having fun swimming and playing in the river.

Dave and Julie Kiracofe ready to head back to Lake Havasu.

Our neighbor Mel, getting a turkey into the deep fryer.

Mel taking the other turkey out of an infra-red cooker.

A beautiful sunrise.

a not-so-good picture of the Williams holiday night parade

Dave & Julies cabin in Williams, AZ

A lonesome car in the middle of the desert.

the London Bridge in Lake Havasu

A view of the numbers on each bridge block.

Dave & Julie's home in Lake Havasu

The four of us after a wonderful day and evening.

Dave & Julie with their son Bradley

Here we are all gathered around the fire. Yes that IS a...

November and the first few days of December have been a good month with a nice balance of activities and relaxation. The weather was exceptionally nice (through the eyes a a Northerner). Until the big Santa Ana winds arrived daily highs were typically in the 70s. We got some good gusts on Wednesday, the 30th, but nothing like the high winds that LosAngeles, Utah and Colorado received. Since that day temps have been a bit more chilly.

So, before the weather changed we enjoyed the warm days by either riding the ATV or taking Anna to the river. There is a boat-launch here but we wanted to let her off leash so we found our way to the other side of the river.(Resort rules say that dogs must be on leash at all times)

On the 19th our friends, Dave and Julie Kiracofe, came to see us. They spent most of their lives in Jerome, moving to Lake Havasu about 6 years ago.

Then came Thanksgiving. We decided to participate in the resort holiday feast. The resort supplied the turkey, dressing and gravy and the "residents" were responsible for all other feast food. Our neighbors next door offered to cook two of the six birds. So here are a couple of pics of Mel plunging one into the deep fryer and the other coming out of the infra-red cooker. They were both succulant - a carnivore's delight! - and the side dishes that everyone supplied were scrumptous. Yes, we ate way too much but it was worth every bite. We sat at a table with campers we didn't know yet so we ended up having a very pleasant and enjoyable evening.

The day after Thanksgiving we went on a little side trip to Williams AZ to stay with Dave and Julie at their get-away cabin. Williams is a small town west of Flagstaff and it reminded me of West Yellowstone. With an elevation of over 7,000 it was much "cooler" than Needles and there was snow along the roadside as we drove up the mountain. Strangely the terrain changes from desert to mountainous, green forests of tall Ponderosa pines and other trees and ground cover like turning the page of a book - no transition period. We spent some time in Flagstaff on Saturday and ended up staying two nights so we could get into the Christmas spirit, attending the annual tree lighting and parade. It was magical - not only because of all the lights, christmas displays and cold weather. The very popular Polar Express train comes and goes from a station that is lit like a only your imagination can create. It was beautiful - and to see passengers get on and off in their pajamas made it even better. We forgot our camera but I took a couple of pictures with my phone. Again we had a great time with Dave and Julie.

Rick caught one of many beautiful sunrises on film on the 28th.

On the 29th we took another ATV ride. Lo and behold we found an abandoned car. It was stuck in a small wash and after looking over the surrounding area we couldn't figure out who on earth would even TRY to drive their car on that trail. They were either on drugs or stole the car. Just before finding the car we saw a man walking along the train tracks. Where he came from was a bit of a mistery but he was walking in the correct direction to end up in Needles. The guy wasn't wearing a shirt this time either. It's interesting that both times we've seen vehicles out in the middle of no-where, we have also seen a man with no shirt. HMMMM.

Yesterday we went to Lake Havasu to visit Dave and Julie again. Lake Havasu is a beautiful area. They showed us around the lake and some of the residential areas after we staked out our spot for the Christmas river boat light parade. We enjoyed a nice pizza dinner before returning to the river for the event. The London Bridge spans the channel. It is the actual London Bridge, purchased from Britain in 1968, shipped to the US and reconstructed over dry land. After it was complete the earth under the bridge was dredged to create the channel. Each block of the bridge is numbered so it could be assembled without any guess work. After the water parade we crossed the bridge and walked along the water front and through the park. The wind that had been blowing all day stopped just in time for the river show so it was chilly but no wind. Yay!!

We plan on heading to Brenda, AZ on Tuesday. Hopefully the predicted Santa Ana winds won't last beyond tomorrow.

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