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More tall mountains dwarf our rigs

Awesome view from a summit

Yukon River Bridge

Lake LaBerge 85 miles long

Windy road ahead

Another view of the Yukon River

Pretty colors line the highway

Five Fingers Rapids on the Yukon River made it difficult for the...

There were 219 steps down plus a .6 mile hike and 219...

Another view of the awesome Yukon River

We began to see fewer trees on the mountains

The showers kept some of the dust down

Pelly River Crossing campground - very woodsy

It was very overgrown, wet & rustic

Our campsite at Pelly

We turned off the Alaska Hwy and traveled on Hwy 2 called the Klondike Loop along Lake LaBerge (85 miles long) from Whitehorse towards Dawson City. This highway takes us into Alaska more north at Chicken, AK. We crossed the Yukon Bridge and had several views of this awesome river.

We stopped at a viewpoint to see the Five Fingers Rapids on the Yukon, named by early miners for the 5 channels or fingers, formed by the rock pillars that are a serious navigational hazard. The safest passage is through the nearest, or east, passage. There was a trail starting with 219 steps down and a .6 mile trail to get a closer look, but it was very cold & windy and threatening showers, so Larry & I didn’t go.

Sure enough, the showers hit, but not for too long. It helped keep the dust down on the dirt portions of the road. We arrived at Pelly Crossing Campground which was all but deserted. I think we only had one other camper near us. It was very lush and green, moist and VERY mosquito-y. We sat around a campfire for a short while before we tired of waving the bugs away. We were not bitten since we all had "OFF", but it was annoying having them swarm around our faces.

Pelly Crossing was established as a ferry crossing & construction camp at the Pelly River.

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