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Dan hasn't left for colorado yet. Now it looks like George's surgery will be in July. After their initial panic, they decided to do a little more investigation before commiting to the surgery. So we didn't need to leave Wilmington in a rush but no big deal. Dan couldn't stand it so he planted the little plants we had grown. I told him it was too early but his excitment got the better of him. We had two nights of freeze so we had to cover them. It looks like everything but the peppers and a few squash will survive.

This year, it seemed that you couldn't get far enough south to stay out of the cold. While in Vero Beach, Fl during the habitat build, it was 40 degrees in the mornings and during the day it was comfortable in the sun but still cold in the shade. In Marathon key, it was also below 70 most days and chillier in the evenings. I know most northerns are thinking...... "below 70.... what r u complaining about!" But we follow the sun so that we don't have to experience cold weather. Then in southern Texas it was still cold and windy. Our friend Don said 'Am I ever going to get into a pool this winter?" Dan and I did not turn on our air conditioner in the coach until mid-april in Conroe. Even then it was because of the humidity rather than the heat.

We still had a great season but had to spend far more time inside than we usually spend. We had a great time hanging out with Blanche and Gary in Florida then with Don and Vicki in Texas.

We are looking forward to next season....

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