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The Great Australian Bight

Standing on the edge of the world

We left Esperance on Wednesday morning for the dreaded and infamous drive across the Nullarbor Plain. This turned out to be not nearly such a big deal as everyone said, although it was mind numbingly boring. The first day to the Madura Roadhouse was rubbish, although the room was decent enough considering the remoteness.

The drive to Ceduna itself was more interesting as we were able to stop at a few lookouts over the Great Australian Bight - an excellent bight! There were also the sheer cliffs, which really gave the impression of standing on the edge of the world, which in a sense we were as south of there was only Antarctica.

Stangest of all was the proliferation of trees on the Nullabor (treeless) Plain! There was a treeless stretch of about 40km, but out of 1300km that's not really a lot!

On arrival in Ceduna the car started playing up (again) so we had to take it into yet another garage this morning so we had to stay here two nights. At least we can have a break from the endless driving but there isn't much to do here. Although we did find free internet, and we would rather have broken down here than in the middle of the Nullarbor! Fingers crossed that the car makes it to Melbourne!

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