Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Laundry digs

Nice place

Laundry girl


Goats beginning their day

Bunnies too

Neigh sayers

No spittin'


The little lamb

Staff singing for seconds

Doing the dishes

We continued to organize the attic warehouse and I moved on to an equal disaster in the maintenance shed across the way. Shirley sorted nuts and bolts all day but she is enjoying the work. Last night Shirley did laundry in one of the retreat cottages behind the campground. Very nice "laundromat" I'd say. The weather has been fantastic. Cool mornings and crisp blue skies and mid 80's in the afternoon. I was pooped after my 7 hour work day and took a dip in the pool. A little chilly getting in but once you got used to it the water was very nice. I did not yell when getting wet. I noticed none of the other kids did and I think the 9 year old boys would have thought I was a wuss. Great day all in all. Enjoy the pics.

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